Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I "Heart" NECCO Candies

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How can you not love the MOST popular Valentine's candy in the world?

Millions of children and adults exchange boxes of "Sweethearts" or "Conversation Hearts" every year to express their love and adulation for each other.

Conversation Hearts have been used in various ingenious ways over the years-- to propose marriage, to teach children statistics and reading, to decorate cakes, and as borders for frames.

(On our wedding day, these wonderful, loveable hearts were given as party favors to all of the guests at mine and SSG Dizzy's wedding, including the children.)

Unlike a box of chocolates, a box of "Sweethearts" has secret love messages to help even shy people express their feelings of love.

Also, unlike a box of chocolates, there will be no half-eaten rejects in the box when you open it.

And, although, I may be able to carry a box of chocolates in my purse, the journey would not be indefinite. But, the messages of love on a NECCO Conversation Heart can be carried with me for a lifetime.

Warm and squishy might work for some people. But I take my NECCO candies the same way I take my man: hard, tough, and long-lasting!

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